Georgetown Piano Bar

Come sing along with us.


Open Daily 5pm
Closing Time 2am // 3am Fri & Sat
Piano 7pm until Close Daily

Dueling Every Friday and Saturday at 9pm


Come sing along with us.

The ultimate vision for Georgetown Piano Bar is to create an environment that is enveloping and inviting while simultaneously being a place where people feel enlivened by the music. The bar is organized to revolve around this unequivocal centerpiece, the glossy cherry red piano.

Guests will enjoy world class live entertainment showcasing two of the area’s most recognized pianists, Hunter Lang and Spencer Bates. The new partnership behind Georgetown Piano Bar developed quickly when Mr. Smith’s in Georgetown announced it was closing. Fellow employees Morgan Williams, pianist Hunter Lang, manager Gene McGrath, and piano bar regular Bill Thoet joined forces to start their own new piano bar venue. Guests wishing to hear a favorite tune are welcome to request it at Georgetown Piano Bar and lyric books will be made available to encourage sing-along. Those itching to get up and perform solo will have the opportunity to do so as well.

Georgetown Piano Bar’s weekend performer, Hunter Lang, is an extraordinary singer/songwriter and pianist. Over the past decade, Hunter has entertained thousands, performing in piano bars and large venues, for senators, governors, and even the presidential family. Guests can look forward to Hunter’s interactive show, which delivers an emotional and physical performance. Classically trained, he has an extraordinary skill playing the piano, producing a sound that is all his own. His unique voice, timbre, and vibrato leaves the crowd wanting more as Hunter is a showman who uses humor and charm to woo his audience.

Spencer Bates, Georgetown Piano Bar’s weeknight performer, is a DC-based singer/songwriter, and piano entertainer. He will be performing Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings as well as the first, second and fifth Wednesday of every month. Completely self-taught, Spencer has written, recorded, and released three solo albums. In addition to his original music, Spencer maintains an ever-increasing repertoire of over 2,000 cover songs, spanning every genre and decade. A talented and charismatic entertainer, he who enjoys interacting with the crowd and keeps them singing along, laughing, and tapping their toes throughout every performance.



3287 M St NW
Washington, DC


Sun–Th 5pm–2am
F–Sa 5pm–3am
Piano 6pm–Close


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